Equipment, Uniform & Protective Armour

Kendo equipment include  the following:

  • Bamboo sword (shinai): 3′ 8”/117 cm for girls, 3′ 9”/120 cm for boys, the size would usually be written on shinai’s handle (柄); for practicing Kendo fighting skillsDSC00049(a bamboo sword)
  • Wooden sword (bokutou): for practicing some choreographed Kendo patterns (kata)DSC_0297(a wooden sword)


In addition, Kendo players also wear the following:

  • Kendo uniformthe upper wear (kendogi) and the long pleated skirt (hakama) 
  • Protective armour (bogu): the helmet (men), the protection for the forearm (kote), the breastplate (dou) and the loin guard hanging (tare)

DSC00053(Protective armour and bamboo sword)

All these equipment may be ordered through our club.

* For new members who have not ordered the Kendo uniform yet, you may wear any sports clothing that is comfortable.

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